Social Media Campaigns

Enigma are now embarking on social media campaigns, by leveraging our technical knowledge with a modern outlook on advertising. We aim to use social media to help you get your message across. Working closely with our SEO offerings will ensure we can tailor your campaign to your target audience.

Social Media Management
Everything begins with your strategy on the use of Social Media. This is where you realise the importance of the words you use, the value of interacting with your audience, the huge potential for social media growth across all platforms and detailed analytics on your Social Media performance reports. 

Content Marketing
Experienced eyes will allow the creation of keyword perfect content that will lead you to your audience. Multiple peer reviews of SEO optimised, multi-platform ready, content ensures you achieve your objectives.

Content Driven Social Media
Content marketing combined with social media management really is the catalyst you need if your goal is to reach the top. If you’re the person who has the mindset that you can always do more and do it better and then this is where you need to be.

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