Non-Functional Testing

Enigma offer Non-Functional Testing, with consultants who are experts in non-functional testing and in particular software performance testing. Our non-functional testing services reduce business risk and end-user frustrations resulting from quality issues such as poor application performance. With 10 years testing industry experience, we are experts in discovering underlying non-functional design issues early in the lifecycle; issues that are often costly to remedy as a system approaches acceptance testing or enters production.

Proven Solutions
We work with your teams, or as a managed service, to ensure that systems will perform at acceptable speeds under realistic loads at all times to encourage usability.

A Decade Experience in Non-Functional Testing
Enigma ensure you can rely on a highly professional partner to deliver your testing on time so that projects can deploy on time because we understand Non-Functional Testing and what it requires.

Cost Reduction
We promote cost savings while methodically reducing expenditure with a full range of non-functional testing, ensuring that you never repeat your efforts and maximise your efficiency in project delivery.

We can help define non-functional requirements, identify and fix non-functional errors. When it comes to non-functional, we are here to help.

We can tailor load and performance testing services to your needs, we use the HP range of Application Lifecycle Management tools simulate multiple concurrent users, providing confidence in the system's ability to handle anticipated loads, or higher loads to future proof your solution and protect your investment.


We use these testing tools to monitor infrastructure and identify bottlenecks within system that constrain performance. Our experts also use the tools to establish maximum system loads, and infrastructure monitoring enables Enigma to identify system bottlenecks in the future, should your load increase above your tested scope


Contact us for more information on our testing services

  • Performance Testing – including clarification of performance requirements, creating performance scripts, executing tests and reporting results.
  • Tuning and Optimisation – pro-active use of performance test scripts to identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations on improving application performance.
  • Capacity Benchmarking – we benchmark performance under known load. This service is often used in the design or requirements phase.
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