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Processes & Methodologies

Welcome to our Processes and Methodologies section, where you’ll find easily consumed articles that explain various processes and methodologies related to software delivery!

Our experienced professionals provide clear and concise explanations of topics such as agile methodologies, DevOps, project management, and software testing. These articles are designed to be easily consumed, demystifying technical jargon and helping you make informed decisions.

We encourage our readers to share these articles with their colleagues, friends, and social networks to build a community of like-minded professionals passionate about software delivery. Join us today and stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry!


Client Reporting in Agile Projects

    Effectively managing reporting and client involvement is crucial to maintaining transparency, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring client satisfaction. Here are some practices you can adopt to achieve this: By implementing these practices, you can effectively manage reporting and client involvement in your Agile projects. Open communication,… Read More »Client Reporting in Agile Projects


    Onboarding a Client into Agile

      Onboarding a client into an Agile project involves establishing a shared understanding of Agile principles and practices, aligning expectations, and ensuring effective collaboration. Here are some steps you can follow to onboard a client into an Agile project: By following these steps, you can effectively… Read More »Onboarding a Client into Agile


      Planinng for Error?

        In Agile projects, planning for errors, also known as planning for uncertainty or risk management, is an important aspect of project planning. Agile methodologies recognise that errors or uncertainties are inevitable and focus on addressing them in a proactive and iterative manner. Here are some… Read More »Planinng for Error?


        Estimations in Agile

          In Agile projects, estimating time and cost is typically done using relative estimation techniques rather than traditional detailed and predictive approaches. Agile teams focus on estimating the effort or complexity of work rather than attempting to predict specific time or cost values. Here are some… Read More »Estimations in Agile


          Agile “Phases”?

            In an Agile project, the traditional concept of distinct phases is replaced with iterative and incremental cycles called sprints. However, there are still some general activities that can be observed throughout the project. Here are the typical phases in an Agile project: It’s important to… Read More »Agile “Phases”?


            How Do We Embed Ourselves?

              When it comes to taking over from an incumbent supplier in a consultancy role without interrupting the delivery rate or quality, careful planning and execution are key. Here are some steps we follow to ensure a smooth transition: By following these steps, your consultancy can… Read More »How Do We Embed Ourselves?


              How To Do Continuous Improvement

                Implementing continuous improvement involves the following steps: Remember that continuous improvement is an ongoing process. It requires a culture of learning, adaptability, and a commitment to consistently seeking better ways of delivering value to clients.


                The Three Amigos

                  The Three Amigos is a collaborative technique in software development that involves three key roles: Business Analyst, Developer, and Tester. The technique is called “Three Amigos” because it involves a group of three people who collaborate to ensure that software requirements are well understood, implemented… Read More »The Three Amigos

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